NULCA’s formation represents a concerted effort by a few dedicated persons determined to establish standards for all areas of Australia’s locating industry.

Nulca was formed in March 2004 to bring locators together to have the location industry recognised as a profession. At the 1st meeting (where around 30 people attended from all of Australia) the need for training, industry standards and networking were high on the agenda.

At present there are no entry levels for the locating industry, and we wish to establish a entry level with the support of all utilities, WorkSafe, and government regulatory bodies

We are working hard to establish networking and the world’s best practice for every company and individual involved in any area to do with locating underground utilities.

At present we have no funding available to assist this venture, costs so far have been met by individuals determined this Association will succeed.

In the near future we are hoping to have access to better industry prices on insurance, workcover and advertising.

It is part of our aim to have a quarterly newsletter and regular updates for Members to keep you all abreast of changes etc to the industry.

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