NULCA Membership Application

This includes all sole traders, partnerships, companies and trusts.
Only one name can be supplied for voting rights.

This includes all suppliers of equipment and training for our industry.

Interested Party
This includes asset owners, government departments and industry associations.

Joining Fee

One-off fee: $100

Annual Membership Fee

Locating Companies
Locator, Tier 1 (Full Member plus up to 3 associate Members): $495
Locator, Tier 2 (Full Member plus 4 to 9 associate Members): $998
Locator, Tier 3 (Full Member plus 10 to 14 associate Members): $1398
Locator, Tier 4 (Full Member plus 15 to 20 associate Members): $1898
Only a Full Member has voting right
Associate Member (membership not transferable):  
Supplier: $500
Interested Party: Free