04/11/2015 - SSSI-AS 5488 and DBYD and how they are interpreted in design and construction   
2 hours
Wed, 4 Nov 2015
Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley. Building 207 Room 201
Western Australia
6:00 – 6:05pm Welcome – Bernard O’Sullivan, Petra Helmholz
Chair, SSSI Engineering & Mining Surveying Commission and Rep of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission
6:05 – 7:05pm Ian Lambert, AS 5488 and DBYD and how they are interpreted in design and construction  
7:05 – 7:20pm Paul Scarvaci, Established a class C control network for the validation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) systems  
7:20 – 7:40pm Shane Leknys, Deformation analysis of a metal roof using laser terrestrial laser scanning  
7:40-8:00pm Brendon Barnes, Using Photogrammetry for the validation of fabrics  
Networking and Refreshments


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