Need help with Donations/Sponsorship


As you are aware there is currently no entry level, no control over who can purchase a cable or pipe locator. There are many locators who advertise their ability to locate, and are very good at it, but on the other hand there are quite a few who do not possess the skills required.

The risk to lives, damage to utilities and the litigation issues are all top priorities, when speaking with people in the industry.

Nulca Australia Inc will be the standard, training will be delivered by RTO's.

We are there for you all, but to make it happen we need financial support to get this up and running.

Currently we have 20 paid up members.

Environmental Location Systems and J B Hunter Technology., have been the major contributors to enable us to get where we are so far, but it is now time for everyoe out there to assist.  Remember we are doing this for your benefit.

Date Posted: Tue, 17 Aug 2004
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