How do I become a locator?
Obtain a traineeship or get employed by a reputable locator company. Knowledge or previous experience in the utility industry, excavation, electrical, plumbing or communications is required.

What training is available?
NULCA offers different training courses from 1 to 3 day courses in EMF.

What is NULCA accreditation?
NULCA accreditation is available to any member or staff member who has attended and successfully passed the NULCA 2 day training course.

What is DBYD certification?
DBYD certification is an assessment on locator competency.

What is Telstra Certification?
DBYD certification is required to become Telstra accredited and is an agreement with a company and TELSTRA. Certain equipment requirements are required.

Do you give templates I can use?
Due to legal obligations, we advise that companies or operators seek there own legal advice.

What legal issues arise from damages?
There are many legal issues with damaging utility assets. Asset owners will try and recoup costs and if deemed negligent in your duties can fine’s well into the millions of dollars.

What benefits come with NULCA membership?
Discount on equipment, training discounts, networking with locating professionals, having a voice in the industry. keep up with the latest advances in technology.

What are the award wages?
At the moment there is no award wage for locators and normally is based under the civil contractors or water industry

How do I book training?
Please visit our training page for more information and online booking.

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