Program for 20 year anniversary

Start time: 12.00
Duration: 1.5 days
Finish date: Fri, 17 May 2024
Venue: Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise
Description: 5-1.45 Glen Cook Ergon Energy Look up and live – Powerline safety
Entertaining and internationally acclaimed, multi – award winning powerline safety Keynote speaker Glen
‘Cookie’ Cook will change your perception on overhead powerline safety. Cookie is very passionate as he
has been on scene to several powerline incidents. Cookie gives practical examples on enhancing
powerline safety explaining the app concept and the use of ‘rotamarkas’ (award
winning spinning powerline markers)
1.45-2.30 Brad Keane CR Kennedy Reality Capture for Locators
Impact of Future Technology
Modern utility locators require physical evidence of completion of their tasks which is frequently the
presence or absence of marking paint of various colours on the ground surface. This presents a challenge
in comparison to other types of work such construction or mining where there are readily assessed and
clearly identifiable outcomes. Therefore the task result – the paint marks generated through the course of
locating are the prime product. At present most locators are obliged to take photos of their locating work –
most that will never ever be reviewed – just in case it is ever needed by the customer. We propose a
streamlined method to document paint marked locates using the currently available consumer
technologies and accurate positioning GPS to allow for reality captures of the prime product of a locate –
the paint marks. We can also document the environment of the locate as it was when the service was
performed. We provide many studies of how locate information can be readily shared with customers
asset owners and others as necessary in a seamless and rapid reporting capability. We assess the
accuracy of the product by comparison to existing survey techniques.
2.30-3.00 Break
3.00-4.30 GPR Plenary session Round Table Where does GPR fit into AS5488
Do we need a new Quality Level to give credit to information.
Does Multi Array radar change our way of thinking.
Is AI going to effect this information or has it already happened.
Trainer TBA
Supplier TBA
Standards TBA
User TBA
4.30-5.15 Networking with suppliers
6.00- Cocktail Party
Friday 17th May
8.30 open
8.45-10.00 Locator Plenary session Round Table Where are we headed within this industry.
Various topics by the Panel
DCL Rob Row
AON Insurance Isabel Mifsud
NULCA Ian Lambert
10.00-10.30 Break
10.30-11.10 Jeff Moore Locating Unlimited
Wired for Success: Elevating the Game in Underground Utility Work
I want to delve into the indispensable role of training in the industry of locating underground utilities and
the importance of selecting RTO’s that have the capability, talent and passion to deliver training that will
make a difference.
As our urban landscapes grow increasingly complex, and as events like the 2032 Olympics roll around,
the need for skilled professionals who can accurately identify and navigate underground infrastructure
has never been more critical.
Effective training programs MUST empower workers to mitigate risks, enhance efficiency, and ensure the
safety of both themselves and the communities they serve. When thinking about investing in training,
ensure that you apply due diligence in selecting a provider.
Price based decisions need to be furthest from you thinking…….. let me explain.
11.10-11.50 Cameron Ritson CoGC Building a digital City
Is it a dream or is it a reality.
Data capture is important but what happens to our data supplied by Locators.
More importantly what should happen to the data supplied and who should be the custodian.
We delve into what it looks like underground.
11.50-1.00 Lunch Break
1.00-1.40 Adrian Wellington DCL The History of Locating in Australia
Trials and Tribulations
From Telstra to JB Hunter to Coates to RIICCM202 to certified Locator
Telstra have been there from the beginning and have helped shape our future whether you know or not.
1.40-2.20 Nolan McGuire 12d Diving into the Depths:
Classifying Subsurface Utility Metadata Efficiently!
As cities expand, mastering the classification of subsurface utility infrastructure becomes essential. This
presentation emphasizes the need for detailed classification of these hidden networks. By employing
smart classification strategies, we strive to boost safety, mitigate disruptions, and refine infrastructure
maintenance. We will explore the cutting-edge methods and technologies that facilitate attribute and
metadata for effective data management of subsurface utilities.
2.20-3.00 Break
3.00-4.15 Who is at fault Various Look into a case to see if we all can decide where the project went
4.15-4.30 NULCA - General Meeting / question time
4.30-5.15 Networking with suppliers
6.00- Formal Dinner
Schedule may be slightly altered.
Further information will be supplied when available.
Posted By: Nulca , Director Board (tier1)