Re sending invite

Message: Apologise to those that have already received this email, but apparently not everybody got it when I originally sent it so I am just sending it through again. 

All are invited to the upcoming NULCA dinner meeting. Bring your partner, your staff, associates, work colleges or anyone that you know that deals with or is interested in damage minimisation of underground utilities.
With the combination of after work drinks on a Friday night, a 3 course sit down meal, and discussion on topics such as, locator training, standards in the industry, the latest locating technologies available, tracer wire, NBN, non destructive digging and Dial Before You Dig, just to name a few, it will no doubt be an interesting evening.
This is one evening you really don’t want to miss.
Full details and RSVP are attached on the PDF

Date Posted: Mon, 25 Feb 2013
Posted By: Geelong Cable Locations, Ben Minutoli (tier1)