CLO Deed

Message: Update on CLO Deed regarding Telstra approval to access the Telstra network.
Recently it was brought to NULCA's attention buy a member that a clause in the new CLO deed may have affected your insurance companies ability to seek recovery from other parties and infact may not be covered at all in some instances.
After obtaining legal and insurance advice NULCA has been in mediation with DCL who have escalated the matter with Telstra after the members comments fell on deaf ears to Telstra.
We believe after a period of time an ammicable solution may have been reached.
We also ask if any members have any concerns to please raise their comments as we have been asked to agree to the changes made to the deed as this may not suit every entity.
We ask that you contact your insurer to ensure you have adequate cover.
Any comments are to be made prior to 2pm Tuesday 20th prior to our next zoom meeting.
NULCA strongly advises all locators to seek legal advice before signing ANY contract with any entity.
Date Posted: Thu, 15 Oct 2020
Posted By: Committee, Board Members (Interest)