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NULCA Ltd is an association for professional utility cable locators and other adjacency services including but not limited to Vacuum Excavators (Non-Destructive Digging), CCTV and Pipe inspectors, Utility Surveyors, Leak Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar Operations.

A Company limited by guarantee, we provide an established network of industry professionals involved in any area of locating underground utilities, damage avoidance and utility mapping. Our formation in 2004 was inspired by the need to establish standards for all areas of Australia's locating industry.

Our vision is to provide members with leadership and support by partnering with DCL, BYDA, utility network operators, specialised equipment suppliers and regulatory bodies as well as all other parties interested in promoting best practices to reduce and eliminate network damages, personal injury and costs to the community during excavation and construction activities.

If you would like to join this association please complete the application form.


Underground Asset Location  training -  Nulca Accredited RIICCM202E
2 days , dates and booking

Important note about this course and Certified Locators:
By completing this course you are NOT automatically a Certified Locator™.

Please be aware some major utilities, such as Telstra, specify that access and the location of their assets must be completed by a Certified Locator. Without this certification, any location activities involving their assets, such as accessing pits, manholes, etc, are considered unauthorised.

Some civil constructors also require utility location services to be completed by locators who are certified.  Locator certification is a separate accreditation process that is managed by DYBD Certification Ltd. The process comprises a theory and field competency assessment. For information on how to become a Certified Locator please visit the DBYD Certification website.


Certified Locator Dial Before You Dig