Training is extremely important for both individuals and companies, helping to ensure that risk is reduced of damaging underground assets. NULCA initiated the first Professional Locators course in Australia due to the lack of any type of professional locating course in Australia.

There are several courses available:

  • EMF (Electro magnetic Field) Locators

    The most popular course, EMF (Electro magnetic Field) Locators which are commonly called pipe and cable locators.

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  • Introductory Course

    The introductory course is great for the new user or those who have never had any type of formal training. The training is extremely hands on and at the end of the day you should have the basic skills required to move into the field of locating.

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  • Intermediate Course

    This two day course is an intermediate course which is also industry certified to RIIMMC202D. The course delves heavily into theory and covers the paperwork side of the business. This is a good course if you are looking at building skills to start your DBYD accreditation process.

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  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

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Training covers most of the technology that is used in locating underground services.

Training covers all aspects of professional locating instruments and how they are utilised in the field. Not only do we focus on the actual theory of the locator but cover other important areas including AS5488 standards, JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and other important aspects that are day-to-day factors in locating.

Training is provided by JB Hunter. JB Hunter have been involved with NULCA since the start in 2004. JB Hunter are also a supplier member along with an RTO which is required to run the two day course.


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